Hip Revision Surgery

Though hip replacement surgery is generally a very successful operation there are times when a hip replacement needs to be redone. This is known as a revision total hip.

The most common causes of revision total hip are:

  • Loosening. This is where one of the parts of the hip loses its fixation to the bone. This usually leads to pain. The pain is most common with activity but can occur at rest.
  • Dislocation. - This is where the ball of the hip comes out of the cup. Usually this can be treated by your surgeon or in the emergency department by pulling on the hip and twisting the head back into the cup. If the hip dislocates more frequently further surgery may be necessary.
  • Infection. - Infection is a rare but devastating complication after THR. The infection is treated by a combination of surgery and antibiotics.
  • Fracture. - The bones around the implants can fracture because of falls or due to the bone becoming weaker with age.

There are many other less common causes for a hip to fail.

Hip Revision Surgery

Revision hip surgery involves removal of one or more of the components of the hip and their replacement with new components. The reasons for revision and the techniques used to perform the revision surgery are so diverse that these can be discussed at an individual level at your consultation.

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