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Episode: 3/122 Body of Science

1 September 2016 • Science is all around us and it is even inside of us! On this episode of SCOPE we explore the science that makes us, us. We discover some fascinating facts about the tongue, we learn how an exoskeleton is helping paraplegics walk and we check out some 3D printed heart stents!

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Australian-first robot-assisted hip replacement performed in Brisbane

19 April 2016 • About lunchtime Tuesday, just like thousands of times before, experienced surgeon Ross Crawford scrubbed in, pulled on the gloves and made the first incision for a hip surgery.

But for the first time in Australia, he and his surgical team had a robotic helper the orthopaedic professor hailed as an important step toward a medical revolution.

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Australia’s first robotic help in a hip replacement operation

18 April 2016 • The first robotically assisted hip replacement operation in Australia is due to be performed today on a patient in Brisbane.

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Robot assistants to give surgeons a leg-up

21 April 2015 • Australian researchers are exploring the use of robot assistants to help undertake knee arthroscopies and other minimally invasive surgeries.

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ABC Four Corners

16 May 2011 • Professor Ross Crawford discusses hip replacements and its potential risks.

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New Device Protects Against Blood Clots

05 September 2007 • Queensland University of Technology

A tiny mechanical device that has the potential to prevent blood clots after surgery will be tested on 20 patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery at The Prince Charles Hospital.

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World-Class Medical Engineering Research Centre Gets Funding Nod

08 June 2004 • Queensland University of Technology

Plans by Queensland University of Technology to build a new $10.5 million world-class medical engineering research facility at The Prince Charles Hospital have been given the green light, following a $5 million injection of state funding.

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Expert Guide

Learn more about Professor Ross Crawford.

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